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topic posted Tue, May 3, 2005 - 6:00 PM by  Reagan
I'm not sure if this is exactly the right place to post this, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that this might bother somebody else on this tribe besides me. So please, let me know your thoughts on:

~!#%^mIxEDcAPs ANd strRaNgE PunCtuAtIoN~!#%^

I, personally, am appalled and refuse to even look at something that looks like that. In terms of conversational fluidity, it's like slapping somebody in the face, mussing with their hair and kicking them in the shins while simultaneously trying to make your point. Ugh. The worst part is I've now got some tribe-whore in my friends list who spells his name this way. Can I delete someone for such an offense?
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SF Bay Area
  • You may delete them.

    But it's hard to avoid this "charming" affectation.

    Sigh ...

    You think that's bad, you should've checked out 'l33t' speak, a few years back.

    I also thoroughly detest people who put strange characters in their Tribe name, so you can never find the motherfucking thing in your alphabetized tribes list. (Let's see ... in the collating sequence, which comes first, "^*^* Tribe of Idiots *^*^", or "-+% Tribe of Retards %+-"? And why do I care anymore?)
    • >I also thoroughly detest people who put
      >strange characters in their Tribe name,
      >so you can never find the motherfucking
      >thing in your alphabetized tribes list.

      And there's one thing utterly bugging me about my alphabetized tribes list:
      WHY the tribe "Progressive/Art rock" is always at the first place? Even before the ^*! tribes and without any similar apparent graphic trick!

      Does the word 'progressive' make any exception to the general alphabetic rules? Is there a hidden Tribe political agenda in pushing 'certain' words at top rankings? (well... mmmh, ok, I'd agree in this case!)
      • I wonder if they've padded their tribe name with blanks, or non-printing characters.

        Yes, that bugs me, too.

        In a fit of I-don't-know-what I added a certain obnoxious LA Burnerscenester to my Tribe. I mean, we know each other, we run into each other, we have about 14,000 mutual friends. But we don't like each other.

        Anyway, he has done that particular magic on his Tribe handle, so I always see his ugly-ass fatuous mug at the very top of my list of friends. Depressing. Really depressing.
        • Unsu...
          i say off with their heads. and be done with it.
          sorry if anyone is also particularly annoyed by zero caps and lazy punctuation... just my own way of cutting out bits to be the tiniest shred quicker.
          and (on the lowercase tip) i'm a fan of e.e.cummings .
          • I'd be angrier with you ... if I weren't addicted to stupid ellipses, myself.
            • You guys have got to CALM DOWN. How about dropping out of Tribe altogether to avoid the little irritating excesses that so inflame your brow?
              There are many warrantable reasons to be angry with the world right now but tHiS!@# is the least of them, I assure you! Yeah, yeah. I know what you're gonna say (yes, you heard me right: "gonna"). You're gonna say "but YOU created this stinkin' tribe!" Well all right that's true. But I have a right to get cranky anyway and that's the bottom line.

              Over and out.

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